Prime Self Union

The term prime self union in relation to love relationships i use so frequently, comes from the prime love knowledge i also teach: Prime self union is a term coined to refer to a state of the heart, means a state of awareness, consciousness, which is in union with the field of consciousness (foundamental tissue of all that is, quantum field, divine field, prime source, primal source, of all, ) accessible through own inner heart or vortex (entanglement) of consciousness .

For mystics this is the state all universe and everything in it, now, you and me, are in, but eventually not self aware of, is a natural state of our heart, with love, self love, happiness, joy, truth, knowledge,

The modern human culture created a separation between body and spirituality that is not real, there for the idea of sex as something not spiritual. prime love bring both together, without making it “sacred” or “ritualistic”as most tantra practices do; but a natural primal and primordial expression of love.