Mythology for lovers : The Horses in the Prime Verse

I like horses so much, in the ancient times, the horse of the family of the centauri, represented self mastery of own energy, mind, and boy, spirit, feelings, emotions and fear, all in one.

The Centauri mythic culture had cultivated that ability, there for grate at healing, arts, nature, family, war, heritage and science, all arts necessary for peace and spiritual responsibility.

In the magic and mystic worlds the pegasus and unicorns, both together integrate the divine eye and the wings that cocreate the vessel, interdimensional, for the spiritual journey, an advanced state of self mastery.

The hermetic knowledge, carried for example by the 8 legs horse of Odin from Asgard.

In the prime verse, the vessel, the prime vessel is our horse. I love this image here as we actually surf the waves, we do…

In Prime Love, the horses play a very important role,  they do represent that one master own self,  own body, energy, mind, and one make out of own-self a healing vessel, a love vessel, able to enjoy a magic journey, back to source within own heart.

The mystic and primal love qualities are expressed in the horses. There for, horses are a very important subject of study, and their relationship with mankind, in the prime love trainings.


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