Self-Assessment? Which is the stage of love you experience most of your day/ love relationship time?


Mark the stages of love you spend most of the time at. It means which state of love you hold on along the day? which one is that you experience most while in your love relationship ?

After your marked them, add to each of them an intensity number, from 0 (no intensity) to 9 (high intensity). These numbers are subjective values, only a reference for you, how you perceive yourself today/now. The numbers may change tomorrow as well as the reasons why you assign a number today may change tomorrow.

This self-assessment practice will give you an idea, a mirror or your status, but as well of your perception, how you perceive yourself, your life, your love relationship and your love relationship ability (stage of love) today/now.

As well it may give you a destination, a journey, if you wish, would like to, reach advanced stages of love.

Here a key, higher stage of love, and higher the intensity, deeper, more profound the knowledge you hold, there for more capable you will be to shift/transform any stage of love, into a higher stage of love self expression. For example if you reached the stage of love 8, from the point of view of the stage of love8, if you are consequent enough, the love practices in stage of love 4 and 5 may change in their quality, self expression, richness.

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