MULTIDIMENSIONAL LOVE RELATIONSHIPS – DEALING WITH BLACK MAGIC, SPELLS, SATANIC RITUALS, NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, IMPLANTS, PSYCHIC ABUSE – The Art of Prime do – The Path of divine action applied to empower love relationships multidimensionally

MULTIDIMENSIONAL LOVE RELATIONSHIPS – DEALING WITH BLACK MAGIC, SPELLS, SATANIC RITUALS, NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, IMPLANTS, PSYCHIC ABUSE – The Art of Prime do – The Path of divine action applied to empower love relationships multidimensionally
The practice of prime do, is suggested for both male and female, as one of the trainings dedicated to enhance abilities for prime love.
The ability to care, protect, and stand for own family, empower love relationship multidimensionally, means also the ability to liberate and support each other multidimensionally.
When one of your sexual bodies, is trapped in a particular dimension of yourself by forces that in a power based modaility have been abusing you or desenpower you (the status of most of women and men on earth), within the love relationship, the practice of prime do is key, as for protecting and liberating each other love partners.
In my book: The hidden women realm, i tell on real stories on how women since childhood, mostly after the first moon time, red moon, menstruation, become very sensitive multidimensionally and realize how in their dreams and other bodies, expressions of themselves, forces, fields of consciousness or entities, beings, interact with them and eventually abuse them or use them.
All you see on earth, daily life taking place, takes place also multidimensionally. To be aware in daily life of the frequency you would like to choose is equal important as to be aware in your dreams and in your multidimensional self, all dimensions you experience in your heart, intuition, energy, and for most of the individuals with multidimensional bodies, as well in other dimensions.
Multidimensional love relationship means that, a love relationship and the ability to make love in many parallel dimensions simultaneously.
You may realize, that as soon as a force, ability, or aspect of yourself is liberated in any dimension of your self, based on the love bound and ability of self care, developed by the love partners, the love relationship would be empowered.
Traditionally, spells, black magic, satanic rituals that may have a harmful effect on your relationship or individual self expression, perception, choices, behaviour… will be first implanted as patterns that resonate with frequencies and thoughts emotions you may not prefer, and pull your field of consciousness, and the field of cocreation of your love relationship into that frequency.
It is necessary to liberate one self from those implants, attacks, spells, the effect of those rituals
One story tells how women were trapt in towers in parallel dimensions, being sexually abused, by a harmful power based entity. As soon as the love partners managed to liberate them, the women changed, and their life turned upside down in a positive sense, their inner force was liberated and a great important issue solved; an issue that they could not explain through their time line, dialy life events, a hidden reality invisible for the daily life senses.
There for, as result of the practice of prime yoga integrated to martial arts, and applied for the empowerment of love relationships, prime do becomes an extremely important training for every love relationship and couple. There is much to learn.
What means teleportation for Prime Do ? As a practice of Prime Yoga, Prime Do is a martial art dedicated to build up necessary skills helpful for reaching a state of consciousness known as prime self union, union with the source of all that is have been will be within own heart. A Prime Do practitioner follows on top of that core intention a codex, regarding use the martial arts skills only for divine purpose, as expression or unfolding of divine action, and only in a state of consciousness, of the heart, of prime self union.There for a Prime Do practitioner will apply the martial arts skills with a clear alignment with own heart and divine purpose, care for peace, family, culture, life and heritage. This is the tradition of sacred warriors, that has been on earth and in the multiverse, and quantumverse, since the origin of all that is, have been and will be.
Within this context, what does teleportation mean? means the ability of time bending through movement, a speed that is possible to reach only if a state of consciousness is present: quantum, multidimensional or divine consciousness in every organic cell of the individuals, in the whole energy system, in every particle, in whole vibrational system. As a result, micro, nano seconds or longer periods of time, as for minutes, the practice of prime do will be dedicated to reach the time bending ability. The results will be extremely beneficial for reaching the state of prime self union, and for the path of divine action, of a sacred warrior and peace maker.
Teleportation means the development of the ability of conscious movement. In how many ways this ability can be learned? developed?
At the Prime Do training we utilize 9 trainings, each of them of 9 minutes, in order to develop the teleportation ability, integrated to kata, dances, with sword, stick, bow, other weapons and the body.
Prime Do, has been created by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, Prime Master of the Golden Nordic Order, a modern and ancient order of sacred warriors that dedicate themselves to peace and ascension.
When symbolic language, myths and interdimensional experiences come together into true stories that modern science cannot explain, the travelers, sacred warriors and lovers from the stars, are the ones that know and hold the truth and light into the hidden realms of women. “Men are asleep, and women cannot wake them up, unless risking their lifes. But the travelers know.” This new symbolic collection of stories by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken, explores into the most hidden fears, of men and women, and the realms of mankind that are invisible but now being healed by the lovers from the stars, the travelers, sacred warriors.