• How much time do you give to your love relationship?

  • How much time do you give to love?

  • How much time do you give to your self, for self love?

SINGLE? In the following e-learning program you will be able to learn how to adjust your time frame, daily life, for attracting the love you wish, if you are single; you must know, the quality of emotions you generate at any particular time, creates the frequency that attracts your love partner. If you follow this training you will learn what do you need to do in order to resonate with your perfect lover.
IN A LOVE RELATIONSHIP? If you have a family or a love partner already, how you master the emotional quality of your time will make the difference for the future of your love relationship.
TIME Management & Emotions
A Prime Tech Theta Course @ Udemy
The Adventure “on” Time Continues.
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Have fun on time!

  • If you felt that your love relationship got broken as for the priority settings you decide to nurture for your life?
  • If you feel that time management takes the spontaneity out of the play of love?
  • If you belief that you deserve to be loved and enjoy passion and joy daily…
Then you need to read this brief article:

Sometimes you realize, if you do not do what you need to do at the right time, your life may break down. But what to do then? In order to prevent this outcome? or in order to solve it? Act on Time!
Some time ago, i shared on the net a video presentation on time management for prime love, suggesting that if you are single, and you dream daily on how wonderful would be to be in a love relationship, to engage in so many exciting activities and adventures with your love partners.
Somewhen in time, you remember the first 5 months of your last/current love relationship. Along the first weeks of passion, you shifted all your life structures, in order to give priority to your love relationship and this loving fascinating person you fall in love with and you want to be and care for.
After few months, business, customers, friends, responsibilities drug you back more and more so you restructure the full time dedication to your love relationship, into a less demanding, but still intentionally committed relationship, based on the trust the quick off of love and passion of the first months created in you as memories and feelings.
Somewhen along the road, you realize, you need to give more time to your love relationship.
Well, here is when my video presentation suggested to you, to STOP complicating you life, with a non sense pattern.
You wish and deserve to experience love and passion daily.
This is your goal.
Then structure today your life in such a form that the only thing in your time structure and time flexibility that will change as soon as you find that loving partner, will be: the love partner. It means no need of those shifts back and forth from 100% dedication, to back to business or social life, to later on ask yourself why you dont spend more time with your love partner and where the energy of the energy left you.
If you find this new perception of time management, emotions and relationship quality of time, quite complex to place into a practical terms, please contact me for a coaching or private training session.
But if you are not new on creating changes in your life, and just need a new foundation from the point of view of love, love relationships, then join our TIME MANAGEMENT AND EMOTIONS Training program an Udemy, and enjoy the journey!
Yes, success in life, what ever the circumstance you may be, or need you may have, has to do 100% with the answer to the question: How do you manage your time? What do you do with your time and skills; how do you solve or shift your circumstance by using your heart, consciousness, emotions and time.
If you ever thought about how perfectly synch is nature with life rhythms, cycles, principles and laws. How precise is the human body on keeping all biological and chemical transformations “ON TIME”, then why not to ask nature about it? about TIME?
Well i did ask.. Biohacking of nature principles, rhythms and laws, of the human factor, for time management, emotions and how to apply consciousness for enhancing your life and love relationships.
You will find all the training fascinating and a review of the video Prime Love & Time management integrated as case study for this training at Udemy!
Have fun!
and take time for love!