Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Background

  • Luis Time Line  www.time-line.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info
  • Peace Work: www.prime-peace.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info
  • Prime Tech Theta – Business Applications : www.prime-tech9.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info
  • Prime Yoga: www.prime-yoga.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info
  • Official site: www.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info


Hi, i am LUIS, I am a traveler and global citizen, spiritual teacher (Prime YogaPrime LovePrime Love Making Path 9 )

My current status: Peace worker and Business Consultant

What i did last 18 years:

  •  Living abroad traveling,
  • Created a new business and culture management consultancy system based on human self-awareness, consciousness, nature laws and nature based sustainable living models. Provided consultancy and training. coaching.
  •  Became a body artist, story teller, musician, performer and arts producer
  •  Author, with more than 100 publications (e-books format)
  •  Peace and human rights activist since 2012
  •  Created a new martial art, Prime Do, dedicated to non violence and peace
  •  Discovered i am a futurist, as for the nature of 30% of books i write.
  •  Teach a new form of yoga for our modern times, Prime Yoga, which actually is a very ancient for of yoga and meditation
  •  Became a spiritual teacher with spiritual projects, like a centre of yoga, meditation, life and culture care, a sustainable living centre and others.
  • Practiced prime love making, conscious heart based love foreplay and making
But one day, in 2015, my life changed!


When i realized that all i have been teaching since 1972, peace, life care, spiritual self-responsibility, heritage, family, love relationship, sustainable development, consciousness, self-awareness, heart based living, business management, meditation, yoga, consciouss meditative arts, all, absolutely all, need to be thought and can be thought in the field of consciouss love making. A field human kind needs so much to care of, the corner stone of human life, and the field where all that humanity needs can be learned, discovered, achieved.

I became a meditative conscious love making activist!, started to organize training and events for singles, empower couples.
Now, this is what i do, i am dedicated to love, started the “all you need is love campaign”and invite singles and couple to learn through the art of love making on peace, communication, collaboration, co-creation, life care, sustainable culture and its development, family, heritage, and all i have learned an thought in my life, before.
Created the Foreplay & Prime Love Making Society , Conscious Love making with the heart living community
Our events are dedicated to lovers and to singles to meet up and find a new love; for couples and parents to empower their love relationships, for lovers to love!The Meet ups are dedicated to explore conscious meditative love foreplay through the 9 Dances of Love, the 9 Stages of love, with the understanding that ALL WE NEED IS LOVE, in order to change our world, our life. There for we practice, with our heart, conscious love making.