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DECISION MAKING according to nature laws, principles and rhythms. @ UDEMY – Prime Tech Theta Tools

DECISION MAKING according to nature laws, principles and rhythms. @ UDEMY – Prime Tech Theta Tools
Finally my new online course at UDEMY is ready:
Biohacking for decision making, process and strategy management.
How the Prime Tech Theta Tools for assessment and strategy design help us, in daily life and business, to care for peace, culture, family, wealth and heritage ?

PRIME LOVE WORKSHOP & CREW TRAINING: JOIN the Rising of the hearts workshop 11th and 12th June & the training day for the prime love crew, space holders, will be organized the 28th May

PRIME LOVE WORKSHOP & CREW TRAINING: JOIN the Rising of the hearts workshop 11th and 12th June & the training day for the prime love crew, space holders, will be organized the 28th May
JOIN the Rising of the hearts workshop 11th and 12th June
A training day for the prime love crew, space holders, will be organized the 28th May, if you wish to join this one as well please let us know on time.

The Journey of Love: Have you ever truly loved? or how to reach that wonderful love, heart opening quality of experience again?

Have you ever loved? or i mean, which stages of love have you experienced in your life? maybe you experienced ones and intense oneness love, stage 5, and its vibrational field stayed in you for about 30 min, but, when did you experienced again? can you say that your love ability is that one of oneness love when you experienced only once, or twice, or maybe only few times but not all the time?

What means to love? would not love ability mean to love in a permanent state or ability, daily?

Would you be able to call that stay of love you enjoyed so much everyday,  by your self, by own will, at any time again? or the experiences you had were just pure accident? or out of a meditation, yoga, love making or daily life experience process you can not reproduce again?

Have you wished to reproduce that quality of love in your heart and you do not know how to ?

How to develop your ability to advance your love ? How many stages do you know? which one is your main aim to reach? ( The 9 stages of Prime Love )

How to make your love experiences, the deep state of consciousness, heart opening, kundalini experience, a constant, or permanent, stable or by will activated experience?

Can you call in your heart that unique quality of love and heart opening without using substances, drugs, psycho-actives, or food? ( Our Codex, what we do not practice ) or without NLP, Hypnosis, or conditioning?

In reality human kind may shift from one stage of love to the other one, some stages will appear more frequently than others, and some will be more wished, or preferred, about others maybe some individuals got one single experience of them in their whole life and may talk about it for as long as they are alive as well.

Once a lover of mine told me: “if i have to meditate to reach that stage of love, then, it wouldnt be natural, spontaneous, i will feel it like forced”

I remember my reaction to her: “meditation, exercises, practices, methods, help your whole being to remember how to reach a state of consciousness that is natural to you, which is your true nature, and be able to live your life, and interactions, love relationships, in that natural state. Wouldnt be that more natural and simple, than to live a love heart opening that has been living within a permanent conditioning of  society, culture, TV, beliefs, and patterns imprinted by trauma, family, or self deception and delusion? I think it is more sad to do nothing and take for real and ideal the 3% of intensity you get naturally by doing nothing every day, when/while your potential (if you invest a little effort, time, and heart on it) may bring you very quick to a 50% of heart loving quality experience, just by breathing correctly. i think to invest time and will into re-activating that natural capacity in every human being is compassionate and caring. While i must agree, if one is co-dependant of a method, then the experience must be labeled as mechanically reached, mechanical in its nature. Methods must be used for as long as our natural state of consciousness becomes clear again, easy to reach, activate, tap into, become stable in our hearts, then, methods should not be necessary any more, but our natural presence, love, consciousness, and life as its main trigger! pure life!”

My lover did open her eyes wide and clean, and thought about meditation and breathing for a while, but the journey seems to be long and wide complex. I promised to simplify it. Since then year by year i have been simplifying the journey of love and now i am glad i can present it to friends, family and students.

The Prime Love journey (learning process/training program) will bring you by all necessary abilities, methods and practices to wake up in your heart, energy, mind, body, soul and mystic love ability, that permanent state of consciousness and the heart, or the ability to tap into it by will, divine will, or heart feeling in any moment.


Self-Assessment? Which is the stage of love you experience most of your day/ love relationship time?


Mark the stages of love you spend most of the time at. It means which state of love you hold on along the day? which one is that you experience most while in your love relationship ?

After your marked them, add to each of them an intensity number, from 0 (no intensity) to 9 (high intensity). These numbers are subjective values, only a reference for you, how you perceive yourself today/now. The numbers may change tomorrow as well as the reasons why you assign a number today may change tomorrow.

This self-assessment practice will give you an idea, a mirror or your status, but as well of your perception, how you perceive yourself, your life, your love relationship and your love relationship ability (stage of love) today/now.

As well it may give you a destination, a journey, if you wish, would like to, reach advanced stages of love.

Here a key, higher stage of love, and higher the intensity, deeper, more profound the knowledge you hold, there for more capable you will be to shift/transform any stage of love, into a higher stage of love self expression. For example if you reached the stage of love 8, from the point of view of the stage of love8, if you are consequent enough, the love practices in stage of love 4 and 5 may change in their quality, self expression, richness.

Complete your chart and contact us for mentoring and coaching, or a self assessment session. (Introduction, first experience of 45 min)

 Contact : TELF: +31 (30) 320 0937 or skype us to : luisdanielmaldonadofonken

Prime Language of love: I want, i take, i give, i receive, i get

  • Along my journeys i have also listen to people talking about their experiences on learning about the art of love relationships as the art of taking and giving; some call themselves givers, others takers, and all is accepted in that sense as normal.
  • I used to share with them: instead of taking, use the word: receiver. You do receive, all your lover wish to give you. This change of word, will change the quality of your love relationship.
  • Then i realized my explanation as simple as it is, and filled with truth, wisdom and experience, was not enough for them to change, change their ways, but just good enough for them to say: “ah! yes, we understand”. They probably understood something under my comments and sharing, an underline of clarity, but they did not inner stand, they did not realize the knowledge within their own hearts.
  • There for i decided to share knowledge with them, through experience. Here is the result: a dialog between the ( stages of love, and the modern culture attitude towards love.
  • Language is extremely important, the words we use, and how we express these words through actions, our actions are our creations. If we act in consistency with our words, then we are in the path of manifestation. This path includes emotions, feelings, ideas, perceptions and actions.
  • But this path can we walked only by honest people. It make non sense to play to be kind, while the real intention is to desempower the lover through “kindness that create the ilussion/deception”of trust.
  • Modern Culture Men/Women Attitude towards own wants:
    • “if i want this i take it from her and / or him. Then I let her / him take what she wants from me as well; isnt that a good deal ? ” ( Take & give cultures )
  • Prime Culture ( 9 stages of love ) suggests following practice:
    • “give what you feel in your heart you would like to give to another him / her / it. Then receive what ever he/she/it would like to give you (if anything) from own  heart’s natural rising wish. There is no deal, only natural rising of love, honesty. (lovability is about self love-honesty and love – honesty, there is no deal to play for-with-about)
  • “Take & give culture” asks:
    • but what if i never receive from any one what i want….?
  • “9 stages of love” answers:
    • life is a mirror of both sides, of endless sides, of multidimensional sides, of quantum number of sides.  (lovability, prime love)