The Prime Love Services 2015 -2016 x 900.006


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Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken skype ID is : luisdanielmaldonadofonken

Coaching & Private Training

Provided online (skype) or organic (at customer location).

Systemic analysis, nature laws and principles, and archetypes knowledge applied to love relationships. Love relationship empowerment through heart based consciousness, awareness, prime self union and prime love making abilities.

  • Lovability Assessment: The ability to love at the first heart sight.
  • The 9 Elements Assessment: Empower your love relationship and your daily live through the activation of the 9 elements principles.
  • The Tree of Life Assessment: Organic natural development process empowered by the wisdom of the trees.
  • The Organic Life Cycle (Divine Cocreation) Assessment: Empower your love relationship, communication, collaboration, cocreation through the natural organic life cycle structure.
  • Divine Perception, Divine Action & Prime Love Making. Empowering Prime love relationships.
  • Life Process Assessment: Strategy design. A SWOT 9+ Analysis.
  • Emotional time, emotional decision making and emotional process management:  Time Management to empower love relationships.
  • Vectorial Analysis of the Love Relationship: Empowering love relationships
  • Wealthability Assessment: The ability to care for/increase own wealth, (abilities, property, knowledge), care for peace, family, culture and heritage.
  • The 9 Prime Love Score Lines ( The 9 jewels of love, 9 dances of love, 9 development stages, 9 belts, 9 fields of love, 9 roses of love, 9 stages of prime language, 9 Golden spheres of love)
  • Family Business Management ( Business Plan, Self-Management, Strategy, Start Ups, Family Business Organization, Clan Business Management ) www.prime-tech9.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info