Seminars & Workshops

Seminars & Workshops are described in the peace campaign site based on prime love “all you need is love ”

  • The 9 Hearts of Love,  There are more than 4 hearts, there are actually 9, all of them pulsing together, in inner union and balance within own body.
  • The 9 Dances of Love, The space of love, empowered by sacred dance improv? Honesty, transparency, trust, self-confidence, self-love, soul connection, feeling, empathy, listening, being in the moment, co-creating, playing, having fun, all you need for enjoying to make love, feeling free and open, a loving heart based presence, is meant to be played, discovered, awakened along the dance.
  • The 9 Fields of Love, Empower conscious communication, collaboration, cocreation, awareness, consciousness expansion, emotional self-management.
  • The 9 Jewels of Love, 9+ Benefits of the practice and study of conscious love making, foreplay, conception, family, empowerment of love relationships.
  • The 900 Intensities of Love,  is a journey to the self-love practice, the lovers embrace, and the collective self love and love making experience.
  • The 9 Roses of love, The 9 Roses of Love. Upgrading culture, civilization and consciousness through conscious love making, conception and family. The Rose of love Is the symbol of Mystic Love. “if human kind religion would be love, which one would be our daily practice: ? Meditative Conscious Love Making as for empowering love relationships, family, community, culture and peace.
  • Preliminary Practices. The preliminary practices (& the “enquire!” fields of work) ensure a save, comfortable and joyful journey, grounded in the heart and divine love
  • Painless dearmoring. Use of sound, emotional sensory sound awareness, and prime breathing (Prime Yoga) for painless dearmoring.
  • Conscious conception
  • Empowering love relationships, family
  • Love at the first heart sight, diary of a traveler in love
  • The journey of the prime lover
  • The 9 Prime Love Score Lines
  • The Nordic Star