Conscious Conception

Upgrading culture and civilization through conscious conception.

The practices for conscious conception involve at least 3 stages trained in the workshop seminar: The Golden Sphere of Love

The art of conscious conception described in 9 stages

  • 0. Choice of the heart. A primal conscious self responsible choice. Human species survival, but as well upgrade of it blue print through high conscious children.
  • 1. Preliminary Practices.  Emotional self-awareness, decision making, perception, organic emotional light tissue sensing.
  • 2.  Conscious prime love foreplay and love making.
  • 3.  Love making beyond organic love making. The energy field, soul, time and distance. The 9 divine worlds and the 9 love making bodies.
  • 4.  The Practice of conscious conception. First birth into organic life
  • 5.  Gestation, 9 months, preparation for the second birth.
  • 6.  Birth
  • 7.  Holding the organic light tissue, family field dedicated to manifestation of: children, creativity, wealth, projects, life path as a family, collective.
  • 8.  The next births of a child, along youth and adulthood. The parents and family house field, shield.
  • 9. The family house upgrade through conscious personal and spiritual development, choice of love partners and conscious love making.
  • 9+ The organic family, the spiritual lineage, the spiritual collective, the field of consciousness, culture, and global human collective awareness in prime self union with the source of all that is have been and will be.