The empowerment of love relationships is extremely important as for the stability family creates in society, and how it balances the emotional field of culture, and the quality of relationships nurtured by a civilization.

The modern model of family based on heterogen couple does not represent the family practices, nor the development of human culture and its needs.

Life Sustainability

A family with more than one love partner has more ability to care for the means necessary for life care and family development, including the possibility for  business or projects.

This idea of family may be overlapped by the concept of community. Eventually a community along long term may shift also love partners within. The Multiple love relationship model seems to represent an open pattern where to internally according to each collective decide set of guidelines, behaviour conditions, preferences agreements in terms of sexual practices, number of love partners, children, motherhood or fatherhood, and gender preferences.

9 Genders

The modern culture also explores with more freedom into 9 genders sexuality, passing through gay, lesbian, transexual, bisexual, asexual, androgen, bdsm, X, mystic, divine, straight and other genders. Families may include any variety or numbers of them.

Prime Love Principle

It is a tangible reality that exist in our modern culture several forms of marriages, love relationships, genders. The Prime love principle suggests an inclusive approach that empowers love relationships, and ability of conscious conception, beyond gender, preferences, culture agreements or family models.


The trainings provided focus on Prime Love experience, conscious love making and conception, in a state of union with the source of all that is have been and will be, with awareness of own body, energy, thoughts, perception, heart, bliss, nature, soul, and self-responsibility regarding own choices and preferences.