Application Fields


In a time where human species survival, culture and civilization upgrade are necessary focus, as well as peace, family, life care, and heritage, spirituality must be grounded and tangible.

The art of conscious love making, conception and family, abilities developed through it, as for its beneficial impact into the process of global conscious transformation, a great importance.


Conscious love making art need to be understood and explained, communicated, as for its benefits in 9+ Matrix of reality, described by Prime Tech Theta, as 9+ dimensions in which the human culture develops, evolves into the Prime Culture of Peace.


Prime Love, as a practice of Prime Yoga, will be applied in/for fields of arts, education, health, business management, family, gender equality, human rights, ethics, economy, culture management, organization, governance; through tangible tools and methods that need for their use the skills and knowledge reached through prime love.

At the field of love making, foreplay, family, conception, Prime Love trainers suggest services as for Training Programs, Workshops, Seminars, e-learning, e-coaching, massage, preventive health practices, communication, empowerment of love relationships, meditation, arts improvisation, training for men, women, youth, and children.


There is a Bridge, created by LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken, that helps perception, and skills, to be applied in human cocreation, communication and collaboration context out of the love making time.

This bridge is transferred through self experience to his students through organic trainings, e-learning.

Luis coined the term Prime Love Technology for this BRIDGE as it utilizes knowledge of nature principles, laws, human nature, consciousness and emotions, self awareness, into its design; and applications follow a very technical method, milestones, development process and has indicators as for performance or quality development stages.


Prime Love Technology, suggest methods, information, knowledge, practices that enhance performance, management, organization, advance knowledge and culture,  in the following fields.

  • 0. Consciousness expansion, perception,  awareness.
  • 1.  Personal development, Emotional self-management
  • 2. Communication, collaboration, co-creation, manifestation, conscious love making, love relationship empowerment.
  • 3. Team building, family, community
  • 4.  Organization design, management guidelines, strategy, analysis, business culture, corporate governance.
  • 5. Location culture, networks management, city management and design.
  • 6. Travel, intercultural communication, collaboration, cocreation
  • 7. Global citizenship, multicultural integration, multidisciplinary integration, peace, care for culture, life, family, heritage.
  • 8. Global sustainable development, global governance.
  • 9. Planetary collective consciousness, exopolitics, civilization upgrade

How can be Prime Love applied in each and all of these fields?

The  training program for Prime Love Trainers and Valqyrie Program, and all Prime Tech trainings, as for example Prime Peace.

The 9 Roses of Love, is the process designed for Prime Love practitioners, as for them to integrate the skills, awareness, wisdom and knowledge gained through Prime Love, at the 9+ fields or dimensions of application.