Prime, Primal, Primordial Love

Prime (Primal, Primordial) Love is an application of prime yoga, dedicated to conscious love making, conscious conception and family in prime self union ( union with the source of all that is have been will be within own heart);

  • The primal self have been for most of registered human history rejected, over-judged and not valued by culture, society or religion, with the argument of humans to be intelligent not instinctive.
  • As for mystic love making experiences, and mystic abilities, we are aware that by entering the primal nature of life and human kind, the “power, knowledge and wisdom”of nature can be un-vailed, activated, explored, experienced, expressed, unblocked, unchained, liberated.
  • Prime Love making explores into the primal connection, heart based, which is deeply instinctive,  where for example ejaculation is not controlled, but the flow of life is empowered; meaning the purpose of the organic body, as expression of love, to care for the survival of the species, primal instinct, there for, make children.
  • A love making daily rhythm,  form, integrated to women moon cycle, where asexual love and sexual organic love making is integrated into conscious practice (GYM, skills, abilities, strength building, learning and exploring on conscious love making knowledge and experience) as well as spontaneous love making.
  • Primordial heart, refers to the state of union, completion, in easter terms yoga, union with the source of all that is have been will be within our own heart, prime source, which is the original stream of love and self love we have experienced, and permanently available to us. The continues presence in this state of union is the guidance and the condition for meditative conscious prime love making and foreplay.
  • The love given by parents, imprinted by grand parents and great grand parents or family house, and the patterns of male female functions assigned by family, skills, wisdom, knowledge applied, love making culture practiced within the family are important to be observed but more important is to realize the inner heart, own inner core, from which our organic (sounding sensory light ) body self manifest, self regenerate, is in its primordial source independent of any family. There for, the family patterns, do not need to be set as for prioritary learning process, in the field of conscious love making, foreplay, conception and family/community; instead of that, the priority should be the realization of the state of union with prime source within own heart and clarity regarding one, own life,  being a self expression, manifestation of own heart.
  • The Prime Love, integrates both, primal and primordial, the organic primal experience and expression of love through love making, conception, family, cocreation, manifestation, and thatPrimordial love and self love experienced in the union with prime source of all that is have been will be within own heart.
  • Prime love focus on love and self love, in prime self union, as the guiding arrow for perception, decision making and process management.

For example,

  • Within the context of conscious sexuality practices, dedicated to self satisfaction, mechanical awakening, dearmoring and exploration: IF a female does not feel the grounding alignment and hold, concentrated semen, energy and mind in focus of a man, it would mean, after male eyaculation, most of the cases, the sexual attraction and feelings female will feel for a male will desapear. Conscious sexuality, means if the feeling isnt there, do nothing.
  • While in a love based love making practice the guideline change, even you have not the feeling, you know you love your partner, so you do. While love making, one focus on love, as reason for love making. Here one must agree that there are foreplay practices that are suitable for creating a love based bound, and sexual arousal that become more attractive and important (than the feeling of semen and energy hold of the male). If love inst there you do nothing.
  • While in the practice of prime love making, all changes into: if the state of union with the source of all that is have been and will be within own heart isnt there, you do nothing. The mystic state of love and union as condition for love making, conception and family; creates a foundation for a new spiritual culture.
  • The state of prime self union can be called, embodied, grounded, organically corporized, through prime fore play, and meditative conscious heart based love making in prime self union. There for the practice field becomes extremely important as for it creates the necessary conditions for spontaneuse love making
  • To perceive an erection as a sign of male power, is as well for prime love unnecessary. While male and female focus on the heart the erection may be losted, erection will be recovered only within the vagina. Becoming a sign of love, or matture love.
  • The ability of Primordial love making turns into its advanced development stage when realized, through practices of meditative love making, that the intensity, orgasmic experience, of love making is not associated to the body, but to the soul, electromagnetic field, energy, mind, heart, multidimensional self. A feeling of self satisfaction, completion appears, and the sexual addiction desapears.  The praxis of asexual prime love is the second stage of development. Which is mandatory before conscious conception and following stages of application. (REF 27 colours of Prime Love)

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