Where to start?


Prime Love is a complete journey, into the primal, primordial, prime heart’s core of all that is have been and will be within our own hearts.

According to your preferences and interest, status (personal and spiritual development), you may choose any of the following tracks for the start of your Prime Love Journey.


  • e-learning/e-coaching (online, skype, e-learning platform)
  • organic learning / organic coaching (sessions at location)
  • abroad traveling learning/coaching: sessions while traveling abroad.



After a prime love assessment, the design of a personalized training program will take place, or a series of e-coaching and training sessions.

  • Goal: You have been already in a journey and would like to find out which is the next step? What do you need for it? How to create a bridge to your preferred future ?
  • Ideal for : those on an inner journey, or those that would like to make their previously learned abilities and wisdom tangible in daily life. Tailored according to your interests or needs. The assessment results may suggest you design a personalized training program or take a workshop, study program or seminar, boot camp or other alternative to start. Coaching sessions will be scheduled in combination with training sessions.
  • Investment (time, wealth) : vary, according to number of sessions units and  how deep you wish the process to go.



Our study programs alternatives suggest, each of them,  to you a unique process, method for learning, focus and intention, there for results and benefits:

0. 0 The Quick Sylver

  • GOAL: Provide Foundation Experience of Prime Love
  • Investment (time, wealth) :  9 Belts system, developed along 1 season: White Belt Only.
  • Ideal for: those that would like to learn the foundation of prime love.


1.0 Trainers study program: 

  • Goal: Complete abilities and knowledge for becoming a prime love trainer, and develop/manage entrepreneurial or team based prime love projects.
  • Investment (time, wealth) :  9 Belts system, developed along 9+ seasons.
  • Ideal for: those that would like to reach professional performance abilities, develop projects and make a living with prime love.


1.1 Valqyrie study program:

  • Goal: Facilitate skills and wisdom to women, regarding prime love for their own personal and spiritual development. As well the ability to bring prime love by to men (life partners), children and family, community and culture.
  • Investment (time, wealth) :  9 Belts system, developed along 9+ seasons.
  • Ideal for: those that would like to choose the ideal man and/or bring prime love abilities to him her, as well to own family, community and culture.
  • A program for males is available with invitation only.


1.2 The continues love making program

  • Goal: Process designed to the integration of knowledge, abilities, information, culture, practices and methods into tangible application and daily life.
  • Investment (time, wealth) :  9 Belts system, developed along 9+ seasons.
  • Ideal for: Those with intention to develop tangible application capacity and abilities.

1.3 The Colours and Numbers of Prime Love

  • Goal: Prime Love can be organized in fields of experience or rooms, where each of them is dedicated to a particular quality of experience or exploration, knowledge, abilities and interests, lifestyle or preferences. At each of these colours and numbers rooms the foundation of prime love will be provided.
  • Investment (time, wealth) :  9 Belts system, developed along 9+ seasons, for one or more colours and/or numbers
  • Ideal for: Those with interest into a particular field of experience or exploration.

1.5 The 9 Roses of Love

  • Goal: Facilitate the ability to apply prime love know how at the 9 stages of development of human collective. From personal development and family, to culture, networks, organizations, governance, global development, peace and heritage, and other social fields.
  • Investment (time, wealth) :  9 Belts system, developed along 9+ seasons.
  • Ideal for: Those with interest into know how and tangible application for family, social, culture and civilization upgrade


Would you like a first taste, experience of prime love?

  • Goal: The seminars and workshops suggests a journeys to discover what prime love is, how it feels and why is it different. Each workshop and seminar provide as well prime love foundation.
  • Investment (time, wealth) :  9 Belts system, developed along 9+ seasons.
  • Ideal for:  first experience into prime love, travel, adventure and leisure combined with prime love, personal and spiritual development, development of abilities and capacity, knowledge.


The following fields of study offers to you insight into the main focus of prime love.

For each field workshops, and trainings are provided.

  • Goal:  Insight, develop of capacity, ability, knowledge, tangible application in daily life
  • Investment (time, wealth) :  9 Belts system, developed along 9+ seasons for each study field
  • Ideal for:  Family, couple with intention of having children, love  and life partners, flames of the same prime source core.


@ The Game of the Gods and Goddesses in prime self union, players receive missions that must be developed along daily life, through individual tasks or eventually collective challenges, the game plays online but also in daily organic life or abroad traveling.

Micro training of 9 minutes are provided for the development of specific skills, abilities or levels of understanding. (GYM9)

  • Goal:  Insight, develop of capacity, ability, knowledge, tangible application in daily life with FOCUS ON SPECIFIC SKILLS; have fun, play and adventure while learning.
  • Investment (time, wealth) :  Vary, according to each mission.
  • Ideal for:  Learning by playing.


Prime Love Crew is always dedicated to the development of projects, dedicated to empower love relationships, family, community, culture, care for peace, life and heritage.

Interns collaborate with our projects, education programs, events and activities.

  • Goal: Volunteer and/or join prime love projects teams, develop prime love projects at your own location, network collaboration. Promotion of prime love values and partnership with prime love projects and network.
  • Investment (time, wealth) :  9 Belts system, developed along 9+ seasons.
  • Ideal for:  those interested to join the prime love crew.


Intensive training programs. www.primetech-bootcamp.luisdanielmaldonadofonken.info 

  • Goal: Immersion into prime love. A boot camp may be provided for any of the training programs (1), Prime Fields of study (3), Prime Love Gamified (4),  Internship (5). Along the boot camps also themes, practices and methods that belong to seminars and workshops (5) will be provided, a foundation of prime love, prime yoga, and prime tech, adjusted according to the BOOTCAMP THEMA. At every boot camp are also provided modules for ranking, means assessment, evaluation and assignment of responsibility and rank.
  • Investment (time, wealth) :  9 Belts system, developed along 9+  (or 5, 3)  complete days. Each day may vary, from 5 up to 9 or 12+ daily hours immersion program. The Boot camp also includes leisure and culture activities, travel and celebration.
  • Ideal for:  Those interested into reaching advanced and deeper stages of practice, transformation, tangible application abilities, performance, and experience. Ideal for rank assessment.


Only for our current students and interns, with white belt and for invited guests.

  • Lets eat together
  • Prime love dance improvisation
  • Story telling, poetry telling, music improv, jam session
  • Prime love celebration
  • Midsummer Night Dream ( Role play / cosplay ) party
  • Performing arts jamm session
  • 9 Dances of Prime Love, Celebration
  • GOAL: Lets come together and enjoy to create a breathing circle of love, anchoring prime love on earth. The embodyment of prime love in our network and community.
  • Investment (time, wealth) : vary according to event. Events may take from 3 hours, to complete days or weekend celebrations.
  • Ideal for:  Those interested into prime love community and network building, celebration, play and joy.


(This project status is now on hold, until we find a house and recruit the ideal interns, if you are interested, please contact us)

  • GOAL: living together, and building up community experience based on prime love knowledge. Production of Prime love projects.
  • Investment (time, wealth) : first season of 3 months as a guest not living at home. second season 3 x9 days, living together test. third season 9×9 days living together, fourth season 18×9 days living together, fifth season 27×9 days living together. one can also join the house project online, or while abroad traveling (e-house project).
  • Ideal for:  Those interested into prime love community and network building, celebration, play and joy.


  • GOAL: Development of prime love projects, build up network and community, prime love movement.
  • RECRUITING PROCESS: Internship program, rank, and role/responsibility/function assignment.
  • Investment (time, wealth): 3 months as a guest. second season 3 x9 days, working together test. third season 9×9 days working together, fourth season 18×9 days working together, fifth season 27×9 days working together. one can also join the crew online, or while abroad traveling (e-crew). The responsibilities and role assignments will be given according to rank, and time length commitment.


Members of the council are of grand masters and prime masters of prime love. REF. Ranking, responsibility capacity. Decision making, strategy, plan, organization, management, of prime love projects, study program content, rank and recruiting system.