The Prime Love Journey fuses your primal and mystic self as well as your soul and heart through the art of love making in the presence of Prime Source within own hearts.
The Prime Love Journey is a path dedicated to personal and spiritual development through conscious love making, prime love wisdom and abilities.

GIFT CERTIFICATE for e-learning: UNTIL 18th January 2016,

1 Month +  1 Month Gift Certificate

( 2 months for the price of 1 )


Any of the e-learning programs above, normally for a monthly fee of 180.00 EUR, today and until 18 January 2016 if you buy 1 month, will also receive a gift certificate for one more month! 2 months for the price of 1.

BONUS (optional): 1 skype session 45 min with LUIS Daniel Maldonado Fonken

How do you learn online ?

Our e-learning platform offers you an individual learning process, e-learning modules, with e-learning materials (videos, e-workbooks, tasks, application projects, e-books, questions, information, games). e-coaching and mentoring are also available online, continues support for your e-learning process.

You complete one by one all tasks, taking for each module the time you prefer. ( Time investment, with 3-5 hours every 9 days, you may complete the quick sylver in 3×9 days, 60 days are enough time for you to complete the quick sylver program, along an easy and comfortable learning tempo). (For details regarding e-learning program content, please use the urls listed above)


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